Taken notice that some cheaters are using our company name to perpetrate illegal deceptive and cheating activities.

After getting some basic personal details of the innocent individuals,  the cheaters will send fraudulent web link, whatsApp and SMS messages to people to induce or threaten them to pay. The deceiving actions include but not limited to the followings:

1. Fraudulently claim to people that they belong to our company and demand an immediate repayment for a non-existing debt,

2. Impersonate as our staff to send intimidating messages and scary photos,

3. Threatens to visit people’s homes to chase debt within very short time, and

4. Provides fake company links to induce people logging in.

Whilst we endeavour to take all measures to stop such deceptive crimes, if anyone receives suspicious emails, phone calls or SMS messages, allegedly sent by our company, please call us immediately on 3972 3232 for clarification. To avoid being cheated, you are cordially advised not to make any payment before confirming it with us and if you suffer loss, please consider to report to the police.


We will never request customers to make payment to bank account that not in the name of our company.

Superior Assets Limited