Superior Assets Limited is a leading purchaser and manager of debts since year 2009.  We buy customer accounts from a range of finance businesses and credit providers, including retail banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and other commercial enterprises.

As a member of Credit Services Association (CSA), the only National Trade Association in the UK for companies active in the receivables management industry, we operate under their stringent Codes of Ethics.

We are honoured to be one of the corporate members of the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA). The key mission of the institute is to uphold the standards of FinTech in finance industry. It acts as an industry advisor for governments and corporates, to share opinions and concerns on FinTech developments and opportunities. It also enhances the network and communication between professionals, corporates and governments. Moreover, it assists parties to access FinTech professionals and local requirements.

How we work?

We have rigorous policies and procedures to ensure we treat our acquired customers fairly.  We work closely with them and strive to deliver good customer service.  Customers only pay what they can afford under their personal and financial circumstances and we assist them to establish their personal repayment plans.  We have worked with thousands of individuals to assist them with their financial affairs.

Mission and Vision

Helping creditors to turn receivables into immediate cash and helping people to get debt free and improve credit ratings.